Tortures in Israeli Prisons

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Israeli crime
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Lebanon blasts Dirani´s terrorist rape by Israeli jailers


Mr. Mustafa Dirani is 48 years old Lebanese citizen, detained in the Israeli Prisons. He was abducted from his town Kasrnaba in Lebanese territory of the Biqaa' Valley. The area is out of the area so called the Security zone by an Israeli commando unit. He was abducted from his home and in between and in front of his young children and his wife. The operation was carried out on the orders of the Israeli Prime Minister Cabinet under the late Premier Rabin; who received the Noble prize for peace.

Since the abduction, Mr. Dirani was confined in single cell. He was refused any visit from his family and even meeting with representatives from the International Red Cross despite his health condition, as he suffers from paresis and in need for continuous medical supervision. Mr. Mustafa Dirani was part of the Resistance movement struggling to free South Lebanon and the Biqaa' Valley from the hands of the Israeli occupation, as approved by the international laws.

The abduction of Mr. Dirani took place in an attempt to get information on missing Israeli airman Ron Arad whose airplane was shot down in South Lebanon in 1986. He disappeared in 1988 in a mysterious circumstance unknown to Mr. Dirani, his family and or his fiends.

The Israeli high military court never felt embarrassed to announce in 1998 that the Lebanese detainees has been kept in the Israeli prisons to be used as a bargaining chips in the future negotiations. The International Human rights organizations consider the detention of Mr. Dirani and other detainees in the Israeli prisons as an illegal act; despite of that they never put enough pressure to help their release.

The detention of Mr. Dirani is an illegal act and against all the international laws and agreements. Because he was denied his simple individual rights guaranteed by the Geneva Convention, in addition to the illegal abduction.

The new development in the chain of torture of Mr. Dirani came out through his attorney. It considered being a shameful act in the face of the whole world, a world, which claims to be a civilized, and the guardians of human rights. Mr. Dirani's att

Mr. Dirani was subjected to immoral and brutal torture. He was beaten, violently shaken, deprived of sleep, and of sitting for long times. He was raped and the heads of the interrogator team used a barbaric method, which we feel ashamed to mention it here.

This type of terrorism, which we never heard of in the dark ages or under the Nazi, rules, which was considered to be a crime against human and humanities a whole. This racist act shows how the racist state of Israel is using the bodily harm and psychological torture to abstract some information from people who possibly never had any information to give.

Mr. Mustafa Dirani is not the only person who suffers from this barbaric torture in the Israeli prisons, but many other who are suffering the same type of torture. This shows the barbaric attitude of this barbaric Zionist State.

IN the name of humanity, we call all the human rights organizations, Govemments, Parties and the Public who believes in the human rights to get together in order to lift the injustice and oppression from the hostage W.. Mustafa Dirani. Please add your voice to ours for his release and his return to his wife and to return the smile to his five young children.


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