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Israel: Jewish Supremacy in Action
By David Duke

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Israel is an American problem!
We cannot survive unless the Jewish power is broken  


When I learned the full truth of the Liberty treachery years after the actual attack - I remembered how incensed I felt at 17 when I heard on my transistor radio how the Egyptians had apparently attacked an American ship. Those moments of anger had long passed when I read Ennes´s book. However, as I read Lieutenant Ennesís poignant accounts of the dead and dying men aboard the Liberty, my anger rose again only to give way to profound sadness for my country. As a young and proud American, I could not understand how our president could treasonously stop the defense of American men under fire, or how our government would cover up the treachery of the intentional Israeli murder of American young men - and even reward the murderers with even more billions of our taxes in foreign aid.

At that moment, I realized that Israel is not just a Palestinian problem. It is an American problem. Israel is a problem not just because of the $50 billion it has drained from our treasury; or because of the hundreds of billions of dollars in higher oil prices spawned by our Israeli-first policies; or the damage it has done to our good name around the world; or even just because of its treacherous attack on the Liberty. Our Israeli policy is a symptom of a pervasive Jewish power in our government and the press that threatens the very foundations of America itself.

While Zionists in Israel were dispossessing the Palestinians, Zionists in America were busy consolidating their power in all the Western nations also, promoting policies that would weaken the identity and the will for self-preservation of the founding Gentile elements. They had even set about to make us a minority in our nation, just as they had made the Palestinians a minority in Israel. I knew the day would not be far off when we, like the Palestinians, would become an oppressed minority in our own land. The fact that the ship attacked by Israel was named the Liberty has a bitter appropriateness, for I knew that if the Zionists succeeded in their ultimate objectives they would destroy our peopleís life and liberty.

The structure and form of modern Israel proves that Jewish supremacism is not an ideology of the past, but a ominous reality of the present, overtly expressed in every sinew of the Israeli state. The fact that the Jewish power structure in America and around the world intensely supports it offers convincing evidence that little had changed in the struggle between Jew and Gentile over the last 2,500 years. Moreover, the fact that Jews have been able to get the Western world to support Zionism in all its glorious hypocrisy is testament to their power of over all forms of media and over our nation´s governments. The European race cannot survive unless that power is broken.

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"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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