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Even formerly wealthy Jews had to learn to content themselves with less in the Warsaw ghetto as early as 1941. The man in the background, who has probably come down in the world a fair bit, is most pitiable. But do these conditions justify the insatiable hate propaganda spouted by Wizenthal against Germany? (Photos on this page and on page 273 are from Der Spiegel, 1992.)




Hatemongering against the Catholic Church is also fun:

"In many instances, however, the assistance of the Church wentJhr beyond the mere toleration o/'aid committees and actnallv amounted to abetting criminals. " (JNN p. 55)




Wizenthal and his hired applauders from the Central European political scene, and their yammering about "justice" on the one hand and "the Germans' hatred of foreigners" on the other, sound unbearable when one sees the photos of gunned-down Palestinian youths who lost their lives in the course of demonstrations - human sacrifices in the name of freedom and dignity.




If 200,000 people who had survived the "Holocaust" still lived in Israel in 1990, this allows for some simple calculations. Demographic studies have shown that, globally speaking, only one tenth of the war generation was still alive in 1990. Thus it follows that a total of two million "survivors" had emigrated to Israel. Why has this figure been kept hushed up? And how many "survivors" emigrated to the United States after the war, and to the rest of the world? Another two million? Not to mention the Soviet Union, where, according to the Jerusalem Post, 1.5 million more Jews have been discovered than post-war statistics would have it. (Translation)




To date anyone who doubted the four million "gassecs" of Auschwitz was persecuted as "Nazi". Meanwhile, semi-official historiography (Prof. Jagscbitz, Hv 5720/90) has reduced the figure to a lower limit of "several hundred thousand". One would think that it would be the "Holocaust" lobby's desire now to make sure of these remaining "hundred thousands" by finally, at long last, calling for those forensic examinations that have been lacking for more than 50 years. (Translation)




Wizenthal is visibly overwhelmed by emotion: on t'ebruar) 11, 1990 Ire himself presented the "Golden Camera" award to his acting colleague, Ben Kingsley, who had portrayed his "fate of persecution" more credibly than Wizenthal himself. His mother, whom he showed being transported to the "gas chamber" by rail in the movie (we see him, in the person of Kingsley, desperately running after the train), actually died in the hospital in Lemberg



"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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