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From Kurier (austria) 31.7.1986

Not one Soviet or American crime against Germany was ever allowed to be prosecuted. The murder of six million German civilians after the end of the Second World War has remained unavenged. In the schools and universities, young people are carefully kept from learning of even the slightest indication of these massacres.
It almost seems as though the instrumentalization of the so-called "Holocaust" charge (any scientific investigation of which is prohibited by law) also has the deeper purpose of keeping the victims i.e. their descendants from inquiring as to the identity of the perpetrators. (Translation)



The crook needs money: He switches his ethnicity from Polish Jew to German. And he also lies when he claims that he was "expelled" by the Poles (cLp.). His mother tongue is not German, butYiddish (cLp.).



Wizenthal can choose his preference - did he commit perjury here (mother died in Lemberg) or spike his book with a colorful lie: "In August the SS was loading elderly Jewish women into a goods tuck at Lvov station. One of them was Simon Wiesenthal's mother, then sixty-three. She died at the extermination camp of Belzec. " (JNh p. 66)



It is a known fact that the Polish Jews primarily spoke Yiddish, not German. Wizenthal was no exception (cf. facsimile p. ). This mendacious affidavit by Dr. Rybaczewsky enabled him to obtain restitution payments. To this day he cannot speak German without an accent. (Translation)



Wizenthal made the acquaintance of two - not 14 - concentration camps. But not until October 1944. During the time of the so-called "Holocaust" Wizenthal was posted by the Labor Office to the state railway, as per German collective agreement. 12 of his 14 concentration camp stays are completely fictitious!



Lies under oath:
1. Mother tongue "Yiddish" or "Polish"?
2. Degree: "Ing." (engineer) or "DipL-lng." (academically accredited engineer)?
3. "Fought as partisan in the woods", or hidden "in a hayloft"?
4. In 1941, "unemployed" or "in the concentration camp"?



Until 1944 Wizenthal was not a concentration camp inmate, but a (paid) forced laborer.
The camp in Lemberg was evacuated, not "liquidated" (cf. lie in his "affidavit", p. ).



Lies under oath:
So he was not "expelled" by the Poles for being German (cf. p. ), but rather "abducted" by the Germans (for being Jewish).
His wife was employed in the same office until August 1944 (after the end of the "Holocaust"): with a salary of 300 zloty as per collective agreement of the German state railway. Ergo: the Wizenthals were quite safe during the "Holo".



Wizenthal submitted this forged letter as evidence in court. He knows nothing about any forgery. He also doesn't know that the Demjanjuk ID, the Wannsee Protocol and the Gerstein Statement are fakes. He's innocence in person and doesn't know anything about anything.



Once again a forgery finds its way into Wizenthal's desk drawer. Anything will do if it helps to bring down Jörg Haider, the leader of Austria's Liberal party. Submitting falsified evidence in court is a criminal offense. No problem for Wizenthal, though. His crimes are not prosecuted in Austria



Engineer Friedl Rainer - the son of the former Gauleiter Rainer of Carinthia, a man above reproach - exposed Wizenthal as presenter of forged evidence in court. I have him to thank for a large part of the documents published here. Engineer Rainer, 54, died in hospital. Cause of death: heart failure. (Translation)



Anatomy of a Wizenthal forgery: never before was a forensic examination of documents of the "gas chamber lobby" permitted. The exceptions: Demjanjuk's ID card and Wizenthal's letters (detail enlargement above): both of them were found to be crude forgeries! Nobody knows how this could have happened, since the forensic examination of "Holocaust" documents is a criminal offense.






Wizenthal tells lies in his affidavit: he did not hide in a barn, and he also was not an "ethnic German" (see p. ); rather, he fought "against the Germans" in the woods as partisan Major (see p. ). He wasn't tortured dreadfully by (SS-) Unterscharführer Waldtke, but was slapped by the police (see p. ). The name Waldtke, the SS and the Unterscharführer only occurred to him after nine years' delay. (Translation)



Poles attacked and robbed: Wizenthal undresses Poles with force of arms. Lies in a sworn statement: he wasn't a partisan, he was hidden in a hay loft (see p. ); he wasn't slapped by the police, he was tortured by the SS (Unterscharführer Waldtke)! Austria's "moral authority" lies. Not always. But always in lieu of oath. (Translation)



In the main hearing of December 5, 1980 (case of Dr. Gerhard Frey, magistrate Dr. Brigitte Glatt presiding), Wizenthal, a witness before the court, was asked if he had unlawfully used the title Diplomingenieur (academically accredited engineer) in writing or verbally in that form. His title is not domestically accredited, to put it mildly. Wizenthal replied to the magistrate's question:

"Probably said it. "Austria's "moral authority" lied. He constantly uses the title before his name, both verbally and in writing (see facsimile, p. ). (Translation)



Title-addict Wizenthal will not dispense with the privilege of lying to the courts. He stubbornly adheres to his unproven, locally unaccreditable title "DipL-Ing." [academically accredited engineer] in front of his name, just as if everything were all right that way. (Translation)



This order, which forbids the SS to engage in any abuse of inmates and provides for strict punishment in any case of noncompliance, proves that the individual murders which Wizenthal imputes to high-ranking SS officers must be lies, dreamed up for reasons of trial tactics and trial psychology. Not only the public drawing of pistols, wild shootings and murders in German train stations and on German sidewalks belong in the realm of Wizenthal's criminal imaginings; even any kind of abuse of inmates was forbidden. Current historical research knows of many trial documents from the time of the Third Reich that bear witness to draconian punishment, right up to the death penalty, imposed by the National Socialist state on SS guards who had broken these rules. These are facts which are studiously hushed up for political reasons. (Translation)




John Demjanjuk's `ID card'. In Israel innocent men are deliberately sacrificed to the `Holocaust' ritual: nothing about this ID card is genuine.




For the first time ever where the `Holocaust' is concerned, the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden managed to examine a document: it turned out to be a crude forgery, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The key documents of the `Holo' must not be scrutinized.




Jews fight for Demjanjuk; the publisher of the SemitTimes works tirelessly to establish Demjanjuk's innocence.




On May 10,1981 Flora Johnson, writing for the Washington Post, published this article (here in facsimile reprint). The article mercilessly exposes Wizenthal's modus operandi: first, the victim; then, the crime; then, the false witnesses. (`:..and all witnesses against him were found a ter 1974.') Eleven perjured witnesses - count them - and not one was punished for committing perjury.




With his letter of protest (reply above) Frank Walus was unable to prevent Wizenthal, the head of the league of perjurious witnesses, from being further inundated with high honors. (Translation)




Wizenthal had researched poorly: his victim was able to prove his innocence. The perjurer himself showed neither remorse nor regret. A man without justice or conscience. (Translation)




 The innocent Walus's protests and all references to Wizenthal's machinations were ignored and dismissed with the usual polite phrases.




Only one American senator found kind words for the retired factory worker Frank Walus, who had lost his house and his life savings in the course of the years-long legal proceedings.




If 200,000 people who had survived the "Holocaust" still lived in Israel in 1990, this allows for some simple calculations. Demographic studies have shown that, globally speaking, only one tenth of the war generation was still alive in 1990. Thus it follows that a total of two million "survivors" had emigrated to Israel. Why has this figure been kept hushed up? And how many "survivors" emigrated to the United States after the war, and to the rest of the world? Another two million? Not to mention the Soviet Union, where, according to the Jerusalem Post, 1.5 million more Jews have been discovered than post-war statistics would have it. (Translation)




To date anyone who doubted the four million "gassecs" of Auschwitz was persecuted as "Nazi". Meanwhile, semi-official historiography (Prof. Jagscbitz, Hv 5720/90) has reduced the figure to a lower limit of "several hundred thousand". One would think that it would be the "Holocaust" lobby's desire now to make sure of these remaining "hundred thousands" by finally, at long last, calling for those forensic examinations that have been lacking for more than 50 years. (Translation)




Regardless of the "friendship" between Germany and America, the antiGerman propaganda in the United States bears the characteristics of war propaganda. Hatred and lies are in season. Responsible: "The Wiesenthal Center World Report".




The Wizenthat Press prepared my April 1992 trial cleverly. Montages such as that shown here tried to link me to acts of violence. (Translation)




Covered by the Austrian Minister of Justice Michalek in violation of his oath of office, the following persons gained entry to the Parliament under false pretenses, to force a law against their political opponents, specifically me. The following persons, who invaded the Parliament by underhanded means, are NOT experts from the fields of constitutional law, criminal law, penal legislation, the judiciary and the security services: Szymon Wizenthal. Paul Grosz, Dr. Gabriel Lansky, Dr. Ruth Mireczki, Dr. Georg Zanger, M.A. Brigitte Bailer-Galanda, Dr. Dieter Lenhardt, and Dr. Heinrich Vana. (Facsimile from the Stenographic Protocols of the National Council, XVIII. GP, enclosure no. 387.) (Translation)




The Nuremberg-style justice of vengeance, invented by two Lithuanian Jews for the singular disqualification of Germany, has not been applied again since the end of the Second World War due to legal concerns raised by the United Nations, and also by scholars of international law. But even as late as spring 1992 that did not stop Wizenthal and his accomplices from smuggling this antiquated justice-of-vengeance into the Parliamentary decision of the Austrian National Council to amend the National Socialist Prohibitive Law. (Translation)




Wizenthal's becomes an American secret agent: as yet he wasn't a "DiplomIngenieur", just an "Ingenieur" ("Ing."). He also wasn't yet an "ethnic German" expelled from Poland, but a Jew who "would like to return to his homeland", Poland. [Translator's comment: note the odd form of the signature name here. According to this letter, his given name is still "Szymon", but his surname has already evolved into the unauthorized form "Wiesenthal"!]




Wizenthal is liberal with his favors: "friendly services" such as the Mossad can also count on him. The borders between Israel and the United States are beginning to blur. (Translation)








As friend of the lodge brothers (Jewish Masonic lodge B'nai B'rith) the faithless Tyrolean Bishop Stecher thinks little of Christian brotherly love. Not even of justice and the law. He felt that I had "slandered" him in a newspaper article and considered the relevant laws insufficient. In a letter to the Vienna Prosecutor's Office (a letter which this dishonest Prince of the Church never thought might fall into my hands) he requested that my criticism of his person should be prosecuted under the so-called Verbotsgesetz (National Socialist Prohibitive Law, a law that provides for penalties up to ten years' imprisonment). But that was too much even for the Austrian public prosecutor's office: it rejected the hate-driven request for lack of juridical soundness. (Translation)




The Wannsee Protocol: a fabrication! As with all other "Holocaust" documents to date, forensic examination of this linchpin document of the "Holo" was not permitted. The above shows the version based on which the American prosecuting attorney Robert Kempner (deputy chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials) arrived at his 1949 convictions. Look for yourself: what differences can you see between this fabrication and that on page 364.




Decades later, in his unrepentant book about the Nuremberg Trials, Kempner finally presented an improved fabrication - finally written on a genuine SS typewriter, but unfortunately one of too recent a make, and with more embarrassing features. Even German politicians began to feel uncomfortable. But instead of informing the entire nation without delay, the German Bundestag published the following, evidently as alibi, for the small readership of its newspaper Das Parliament: "It has been said time and again about this conference that the participants had decided on the murder of the Jews... Evidently this misrepresentation fulfils a need. " (Das Parlament, January 3, 1992, in supplement B-1-2/92, p. 18; quoted as per Huttenbriefe, June 1992.)




The seeds of hate are bearing fruit. This graph, from Spiegel Spezial, issue 2/1992, shows that the Jews in Israel predominantly hate the Germans, while the Germans predominantly like the Jews in Israel. Love in return for hatred.

Even though Germany provides constant financial aid to the Jewish state, the Israelis rank the German people, together with the Palestinians, lowest on their scale of popularity. That amounts to a "hatred of foreigners". And that is Wizenthal's doing:

To keep the hatred of Germany as alive as possible in Israel, America and the rest of the world. The instrumentalization of the "Holo" serves this purpose.

Towards this end as well, Wizenthal has erected his temples of hate, the "Holocaust Memorial Sites", in the United States.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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