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Seven years after publication of the first edition of this book the power of the Wizenthal-Lobby is stronger than ever: the President of the Austrian Federal Republic, Dr. Klestil, tried to exculpate himself in a letter to rabbi Hier of "Simon Wiesenthal Center" of Los Angeles for approving a conservativ-liberal government (administration). (Der Standard 7.2.2000) The photo shows. Klestil together with Israel's Ambassador Nathan Meron.




Photo forgeries in the service of hatemongering: the Wiesenthal Center sends postcards bearing this picture all over the world. Any first-term medical student could confirm that it is impossible for human beings to hang this way. The numerous clumsy forgeries from Wizenthal's repertoire continue to do more and more harm to the "Holocaust"




The Wannsee Protocol: a fabrication! As with all other "Holocaust" documents to date, forensic examination of this linchpin document of the "Holo" was not permitted. The above shows the version based on which the American prosecuting attorney Robert Kempner (deputy chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials) arrived at his 1949 convictions. Look for yourself: what differences can you see between this fabrication and that on page 364.




Decades later, in his unrepentant book about the Nuremberg Trials, Kempner finally presented an improved fabrication - finally written on a genuine SS typewriter, but unfortunately one of too recent a make, and with more embarrassing features. Even German politicians began to feel uncomfortable. But instead of informing the entire nation without delay, the German Bundestag published the following, evidently as alibi, for the small readership of its newspaper Das Parliament: "It has been said time and again about this conference that the participants had decided on the murder of the Jews... Evidently this misrepresentation fulfils a need. " (Das Parlament, January 3, 1992, in supplement B-1-2/92, p. 18; quoted as per Huttenbriefe, June 1992.)




"When the Germans bellow they're just one step away from committing murder."

These are the words of the young Jewish writer and Wizenthalacolyte Arjouni in the Austrian-Jewish publication Profil (September 14, 1992). His other incendiary statements regarding the "German national character" should also have sufficed to draw the public prosecutor's attention - at least under the principle of the "rule of law". The seeds of hate are bearing fruit.

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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