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Austria's former Chancellor Dr. Bruno Kreisky put a stop to the crook Wizenthal's game in Austria for a number of years. He showed that Wizenthal's name appears in unsavory secret service reports.
Under the Freemason Vranitzky's administration, Wizenthal enjoyed a Renaissance as informer and man-hunter. The Social Democratic apparatchik and opportunist President of the National Council, Heinz Fischer, played a considerable role in the informer's overthrow and subsequent re-inauguration: with the same vigor with which he had helped Kreisky bring Wizenthal down, he assisted Vranitzky in reinstating him.




The crime of "anti-Fascism": according to a secret study by the University of Vienna (cf. facsimile, p. ), "anti-Fascism" - a unique ideology of hate - is to blame for the murders of more than 100 million civilians throughout the 20th century. Not a single one was ever avenged.





After the Second World War alone, 15 million people lost their lives to the victors' vengeance. Our generation is permitted to know virtually nothing about this unparalleled crime of the millennium. Photo: a French mother (head shaved bald) who was engaged to a German soldier. With her child in her arms she is driven to an uncertain fate by a merciless mob.




The old crook likes to laugh when he feels unobserved. With his hatemongering he violates Austrian criminal laws, but with impunity:

"About 7 million Germans in Austria, the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic are murderers and criminals. The murderers of tomorrow are being born today. It is necessary to root them out in their embryonic state." (Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Friday, November 21, 1969; Salzburger Volksblatt, January 23, 1970.)



The old crook likes to laugh, loud and heartily, when he feels unobserved. He hatemongers with impunity: "Well, the Germans knew what they did. They knew that they'd have to buy their readmission into the society of civilized peoples." (KÜrntner Tageszeitung, December 29, 1989.)




14 million Germans were expelled from their native land by the Wizenthal Lobby. Almost all the women and girls, including children, fell victim to veritable orgies of rape, just as the Jewish Communist Ilya Ehrenburg had called for. Mothers were raped to death before the eyes of their children. At least 2.5 million German civilians paid with their lives for Ilya Ehrenburg's exhortations. But the murderers were never punished.

As will be shown here, Szymon Wizenthal even robbed the German survivors of part of the scanty restitution they received by claiming to be an "ethnic German", with the intent to line his pockets with cash not due him.




In the course of the so-called "Nazi hunt" in Austria in 1992, a journalist named Khittl turned even the late, widely-popular Director of the Vienna State Opera, Eberhard Waechter, into the "son of a concentration camp guard" - posthumously, as it were. The fact is, however, that is was not Waechter's father, but rather his uncle who had been in the concentration camp, and not as guard but as inmate. Khittl had launched this mission, which turned into such an embarrassing backfire, on the instructions of P.M.L. - Peter Michael Lingens, Wizenthal's former personal secretary, son of Mother Lingens, Wizenthal's most assiduous witness; and before embarking on his task PML had consolidated his "facts" by checking with the following authorities: "historian" Meysel, the restitution fraud Wizenthal, Dr. Steiner (former head of the DOW, the "Documentary Archives of the Austrian Resistance"), and Professor Weinzierl of the (Jagschitz) Institute for Contemporary History - the selfsame professor Weinzierl whom the publication "HALT" has already repeatedly exposed as a falsifier and fabricator of historical accounts.




Austria's leading informer: Dr. Wolfgang Neugebauer from the DÖW, the Documentary Archives of the Austrian Resistance, an unsavory group which is being, unlawfully supported with tax funds by the Austrian Social Democrats (CIA, cf. Wagnleitner). Neugebauer works closely with Wizenthal and the Masonic lodge of the B'nai B'rith (ADL, AntiDefamation League). Neugebauer regrets that the Morgenthau Plan, calling for the territorial, economic and ethnic destruction of Germany, was not implemented. His reason: the Federal Republic of Germany's current economic clout (cf. DÖW,1991 Yearbook). In total, Neugebauer has brought more than 600 criminal charges against fellow citizens for their professed allegiance to their German ethnicity or for their views on history which displease him. Hundreds of persons were denounced to their employers, behind their backs. Six such dossiers were drawn up against engineer Emil Lachout alone - the inconvenient witness and Revisionist-in-the-making.




The old crook likes to laugh when he feel unobserved. He can commit the crime of incitement with impunity. This numbers among his privileges: "And once again, poison gas supplied by the Germans threatens the lives of innocent Jewish men, women and children." (Simon-Wiesenthal-Center, Los Angeles.)




John Demjanjuk, Ukrainian-American, a respected family man, pensioner with no prior criminal record, was sentenced to death in Israel, an innocent man. Even before the sentence was handed down, the Israeli justice system knew that his SS identity card had been forged by the Soviet secret service. Among the witnesses for the prosecution were two notorious liars whose own earlier testimony, given after the war, exposed their later statements, tailored to the Demjanjuk case, as perjury. The only man who could really have identified Demjanjuk - the last commandant of Treblinka, Kurt Franz, who is serving a life prison sentence in Germany - was not admitted as witness: he would not have recognized the accused, and would have disputed the existence of `gas chambers' in Treblinka. And we can't have that, now can we.




Ten Wizenthal Witnesses "recognized" Frank Walus as a murderer of Jews. All of them lied, and when the truth was discovered they went unpunished




This 17-year-old lad who, as has been proven, was assigned to odd jobs and farmwork on a German farm, was identified by Wizenthal-witnesses as a Jew-murderer wearing a German uniform. The boy had never worn a German uniform and was not in Poland during the years in question.




Gottfried Weise, "the good SS-man with the one eye", called on former inmates for help: the Jewish women who had been in his charge in Auschwitz. 20 Jewesses from around the world answered his call and came to his trial to testify on his behalf. Verdict: life imprisonment.




Monster in human form! West German District Court Vice President Klein of Wuppertal: the sorely tried, high-minded Jewesses who had come from around the world as witnesses for the defense, to testify for "their" SSman Gottfried Weise, were not even admitted as witnesses. Meanwhile, the innocent accused remains in prison, where he has become a nursing case. His family is ruined financially, his grandchildren are homeless.





And again Wizenthal laughs. Does he think he is unobserved? He makes ample use of his privilege of hatemongering with impunity: "In eastern Europe there was scarcely a spot where the Germans had not committed some crime." (JNV p. 159.)




By his acquittal in Vienna, the brave Flemish leader Robert Verbelen inflicted the first painful defeat on Wizenthal's army of false witnesses.




His grin is as broad as ever! He relishes his right to impute despicable characteristics to the Central Europeans: "For the first time in my life I saw what enormous cowards these people were;... We didn't feel like talking to these people, but we realized one thing: the Germans and the Austrians would not simply acknowledge with shame what we had experienced -they would dispute it. " (JNV p. 30)




Israel refuses to give access to Eichmann's files (court expert Prof. Jagschitz, Hv 7520/90). What did the man on trial in his plexiglass cage in Jerusalem actually say? We don't know. We aren't allowed to know. But if he had confessed to the existence of `gas chambers', we would certainly have heard of that.




A barely repressed grin: as yet his gaze is sorrowful, as always during professional appearances. But a broad, telltale grin already tugs at the corners of his mouth. It's fun to be able to commit the crime of hatemongering with impunity!

"Just imagine that someone decided to exterminate all Germans, justifying this with the events of the past two centuries: the Germans started two world wars, they murdered millions of human beings, they aimed at world rule. " (JNV p. 162.)




Is he just finished laughing, or getting ready to cry? Let's let the theater critics decide. In any case he's always ready to hatemonger against Germans:

"Yes. Austria as a whole also tried to get out of its responsibility. As we know, 80% ofEichmann'sstaff.. wereAustrians. Nazi criminalsfromAustria were responsible for the deaths of three million Jews." (Weltwoche, December 18, 1988.)




He smiles. Hatemongering is fun when it goes unpunished.

"We know from history that the Germans got cocky when they were strong. " (Kärutner Tageszeitung, December 29, 1989.)




Leo Berger, a Jewish defense witness from Florida, spoke up and testified:

"Josef Schwammberger was always good to us. "

The verdict: life imprisonment. Without the slightest evidence. The perpetrator: Federal German Judge Herbert Luippold. Happy and excited among the courtroom spectators: Szymon Wizenthal.




And why is he laughing here? Hatemongering is fun when one can do it with impunity: "First of all, l believe that Germany learned the lesson it was taught in 1945, and its effects willgo on forgeneratiohs."(Kärntner Tageszeitung, December 29, 1989.)




French university professor Robert Faurisson, who lost his Chair at the University of Lyon for disputing the existence of `gas chambers' in the Third Reich. This scholar, member of a left-wing intellectual French family, is considered the head of the Revisionist movement. After Wizenthal had drawn a verbal bead on the professor, unknown (of course) Nazi hunters struck (cf. p. ).




The French scholar's face after the attack on him by Wizenthal's unknown sympathizers: his facial bones were smashed with iron bars (including six fractures of the jaw). If French sports fishermen had not hurried to his aid, Faurisson would likely not have survived. Nazi hunter Wizenthal was never questioned about this "Nazi hunt". However, for those who had already entertained doubts about the "Holocaust", this attack probably did little to lessen their misgivings.




Saul turns into Paul! The murderer with a conscience: after the Second World War Tuvia Friedmann led a commando ("The Hunters") under orders to liquidate German "suspects" without any trial (cf. Hans-Peter Rullmann, Der Fall Demjanjuk, pp. 131 and 145). During the very same time when Friedmann's orders decreed murder, he worked together with Szymon Wizenthal. What was the Galician crook's role at that time?

In recent years Friedmann has changed: he defended Waldheim, he questioned "Germany's guilt", he alerted Professor Jagschitz to Demjanjuk's innocence - and today he's under threat of death in Israel for his trouble.




Even formerly wealthy Jews had to learn to content themselves with less in the Warsaw ghetto as early as 1941. The man in the background, who has probably come down in the world a fair bit, is most pitiable. But do these conditions justify the insatiable hate propaganda spouted by Wizenthal against Germany? (Photos on this page and on page 273 are from Der Spiegel, 1992.)




Hatemongering against the Catholic Church is also fun:

"In many instances, however, the assistance of the Church wentJhr beyond the mere toleration o/'aid committees and actnallv amounted to abetting criminals. " (JNN p. 55)




Wizenthal and his hired applauders from the Central European political scene, and their yammering about "justice" on the one hand and "the Germans' hatred of foreigners" on the other, sound unbearable when one sees the photos of gunned-down Palestinian youths who lost their lives in the course of demonstrations - human sacrifices in the name of freedom and dignity.




Wizenthal is visibly overwhelmed by emotion: on t'ebruar) 11, 1990 Ire himself presented the "Golden Camera" award to his acting colleague, Ben Kingsley, who had portrayed his "fate of persecution" more credibly than Wizenthal himself. His mother, whom he showed being transported to the "gas chamber" by rail in the movie (we see him, in the person of Kingsley, desperately running after the train), actually died in the hospital in Lemberg




Surely not even out of his teens, this soldier from the SS division Hitlerjugend enters captivity. In many cases members of the SS, whose courage and chivalry had often been acknowledged even by their military opponents, were brutally tortured and murdered after the war. (Photo credit: The Battle of Normandy.)




"The American Senator Joseph McCarthy, in a statement given to the American Press on May 20th, 1949, drew attention to... cases of torture to secure... confessions. In the prison of Schwäbisch Hall... officers of the SS Leibstandarte... were flogged until they were soaked in blood, after which their sexual organs were trampled on as they lay prostrate on the ground... On the basis of such `confessions' extorted..." (Richard Harwood, Did Six Million Really Die?)

Photo: soldiers of the Waffen-SS (Division Hohenstauffen) on their way into captivity. (Photo credit: The Battle of Normandy.)




In 1945 the Jew Ilya Ehrenburg, "poet" and Soviet Minister of Propaganda, repeatedly called for the rape of German women: in the resultant orgy of sex crimes, millions of German women fell victim to the ideology of anti-Fascist hatred. Hundreds of thousands of them lost their lives. The epigones of anti-Fascism are among us. (Photo: Der Spiegel, no. 45/1992.)




Documentary photos that are being kept from the public: just liberated, a concentration camp criminal randomly selects murder victims from among the German soldiers. In Dachau alone, hundreds were killed, the injured were tortured to death. (Photo: Buechner, The Hour of the Avenger.)




The soldiers of the Waffen-SS who had been in Dachau on convalescent leave and who had surrendered were also murdered, by bullets to the head at close range and from high-caliber pistols - but often not until after being grossly tortured. (Photo: Buechner, The Hour of the Avenger.)




The massacre: guards are being liquidated following their surrender. The three men in the background (two of them with hands raised) who had survived the machine gun fire are murdered moments later. The wounded and dying, however, are given to the concentration camp criminals to torture and kill.

A "gas chamber" was retroactively fabricated for Dachau in order to justify the murders of the camp guards. None of the murderers were ever prosecuted, even though they are known by name. (Photo: Buechner, The Hour of the Avenger.)




Concentration camp inmates murder openly: here we see a wounded SS man by the name of Weiß being tortured to death with a shovel by the concentration camp criminals. In the background, along the wall: 350 dead and dying German guards. Similar orgies of murder took place in almost all camps after "liberation". But it's all news to Wizenthal. (Photo: Buechner, The Hour of the Avenger.)




Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the onset of "perestroika" many mass graves of murder victims have been found in the nations of the former Eastern Bloc: but those whose graves are uncovered here are without exception the victims of the Red Army, in other words, the victims of antiFascists. It goes without saying that these mass graves are forensically detectable even 50 years after the fact. But according to Professor Jagschitz (Hv 5720/90) there are no scientifically detectable traces at all left of the victims of the "Holo" who were allegedly buried by the millions (one million on 1.25 acres in Treblinka alone), and so we must continue to take "eyewitness testimony" as evidence for these. (Photo: the Oranienburg camp / photo dpa, Wallenberg; from the book Sowjetische KZs in der DDR by Uwe Greve.)



Despite his friendly contact to Hitler, General Franco refused to put the Spanish Jews into internment camps. But that didn't stop Szymon Wizenthal from posthumously slandering the Spanish statesman at a press conference in Madrid on February 17, 1992.




In April 1992 1 was on trial for my book Freispi-tichfiii-Lfitler?WizeiitliaI knew that the case was too weak. Therefore I was also linked to this "weapons cache" before the trial began. That worked. Even if it was a lie.




The living conditions which Hitler granted the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto for as long as the effects of war still permitted it were meager. The degree to which the Jews' state of nutrition and health was below that of the German civilian population which also lived in want in those days does not follow from this picture. The photo shows the Warsaw ghetto market, in 1942.




Wizenthal's passion is to attend "war crimes trials". This is the expression he wears for show on those occasions. And he complains that this predilection has recently been thwarted by witnesses (who knew him from the dress rehearsals) coming up to talk to him in the courtroom. Defense counsels accused him of suborning the witnesses - not without cause, as this book shows.




Two young concentration camp guards after their first "interrogation". (Source: Dr. Gerhard Frey, VorsichtFdlschung, p. 298.) "In Bergen-Belsen the intestines were torn out of the guards' abdomens while they still lived. Young SS assistants heard the men moan and scream. Their death throes lasted three days." (Savitri Devi Mukherji, Gold im Schmelztiegel, Edizionado di AR Padova, Via Patriarcato 34.)




Does the power of the Jewish Imperium exist only in the minds of paranoid right-wing extremists? The Gessler hat which the Israeli-American Imperium keeps at the ready for our politicians (photo: Richard v. Weizsäcker) and for which they must periodically show their respect seems to be nothing other than the yarmulke, the Jewish skullcap. No-one has ever seen Herrn v. Weizsäcker wearing a Tyrolean hat. With reference to former Federal President Kurt Waldheim, Szymon Wizenthal describes what fate awaits German politicians if they refuse to show the Gessler hat the expected reverence (cf. JNV, p. 317 - anti-Waldheim campaign).




Even Helmut Kohl, the "Chancellor of Reunification", has to pay homage to the Israeli-American Imperium's Gessler hat. But for as long as Germany continues to pay protection money she is relatively safe.




The Imperium shows its gratitude: and Wizenthal laughs. The best man of the CIA, Anti-German Agitation Department, is honored in the White House. No statesman in the world other than the American President felt obliged to throw a birthday party for the "Nazi hunter". In the White House, where Austria's President Waldheim was not admitted, Austria's traitor can hold court.




Richard von Weizsäcker receives the Order of the Jewish Masonic lodge B'nai B'rith. This racist Jewish organization holds permanent observer status at the United Nations, just like "Amnesty International", the prisoners' aid association directed by the Israeli-American lobby. Why? Indications are that the B'nai B'rith has a decisive say in the course taken by western politics. Photos such as these support this thesis.




On the request of Bronfman from the World Jewish Congress, Argentinian President Menem and his Minister of the Interior, Manzano (Apfelbaum), open the "Nazi war crimes files". Szymon Wizenthal: "we're still looking for 91-year-old Martin Bormann." (Die Welt, February 5, 1992.)




One might accuse Paul Grosz, the President of the Israeli religious community in Vienna, of not having followed the humanist Germannational tradition of the Austrian Jews. However, in a country where not even the politicians of the government coalition are willing to take up that tradition, such a rebuke, directed at the Viennese Jewish leader, would be unfair. But that Grosz sides with Wizenthal and participates in the antiAustrian hatemongering by mendaciously portraying the Austrians' downright saintly patience in the face of their Allied collaboration government's immigration policies as "a hatred of foreigners" really ought to suffice to arraign this man on charges of anti-Austrian incitement. He maliciously and dishonestly tramples on the country which is forced to take in 50,000 non-Germans every year and whose hospitality he himself enjoys. But this two-faced hypocrite has not so much as a hint of criticism for Israel, which he considers his only true homeland and which admits not a single "non-Jew" - not even a "half-Jew" - whether it be as immigrant or as refugee. This hot-headed Jewish nationalist can readily be acquitted of any charge of "split loyalties"; his only loyalty is to the Jewish state.




Academically accredited engineer Walter Lüftl, President of the Austrian Chamber of Engineers and juridically confirmed, sworn court expert, had to resign from office within 24 hours of a Wizenthal Campaign. It was alleged that he had denied the "mass gassings of human beings in the Third Reich" by citing scientific arguments to the contrary.




Posters of Haider defaced.

Even though Wizenthal sympathizers defaced the posters of Jörg Haider, the Austrian Liberal politician, with swastikas (the graffiti is strikingly reminiscent of the staged desecration of Jewish cemeteries), the politician thus slandered was able to quadruple his support in Vienna. We shall rule out the possibility that the swastika on his forehead might actually have aided his success; but in any case the smear campaign was unable to prevent it.




A victor's grin.

Once upon a time Wizenthal had to keep his pre-trial consultations with witnesses a secret. But by 1992 (the Sabukoschek trial) Wizenthal had the Federal Austrian judiciary firmly in his grip. He brings his actors himself and escorts them into court, where he assists the slapstick farce in the role of a kind of psychological prompter. Scriptwriter and direc-tor: also both performed by academically accredited engineer Szymon Wizenthal, born in Buczacz - or in Lemberg, as the case may be.

Responsibility for this judicial grotesque rests with Buchgraber, the antiFascist from Graz who moonlights as Israeli examining magistrate (cf. p.).




Even though Yugoslavia - the nation with a hundred thousand "war crimes files" obtained through forgery and torture - no longer exists on the map, this is precisely where a Serbian-Jewish journalist came from to serve as Wizenthal's all-purpose weapon by testifying against Dr. Egon Sabukoschek, chief surgeon at a dental clinic in Graz.




A number of witnesses "accused" chief surgeon Sabukoschek of... having saved their lives (cf. the Wagner case, p.). The examinig magistrate from Graz, Buchgraber - whom we may feel free to describe as Wizenthal's lackey - thought this wasalready quite suspicious.




Buchgraber, the examining magistrate from Graz: single-handedly he order Sabukoschek imprisoned pending his trial. He permitted Wizenthal to appe before the court with the witnesses to be questioned. This sadist from Gra who had denied the extremely nearsighted student Frantz Radl his correcti lenses (-24 diopters!) during his term of political imprisonment, now hopes obtain files from Belgrade. Falsified files, in other words, since that's all that available there - as we know from ex-President Waldheim's case.




Egon Sabukoschek as a young private in the German Wehrmacht. "In black boots and black uniform, and with a riding crop" is how Jewish witnesses from Israel claim to remember their victim. The above photo of the 20-year-old Wehrmacht soldier, who repeatedly interceded on behalf of Jews, shows what his uniform really looked like. Wizenthal's criminal witnesses evidently derive their knowledge from Hollywood movies rather than from real life.




Wizenthal had only a fleeting acquaintance with concentration camps! We have already shown this on the basis of his own affidavits (cf. p. ). But this self-portrait from 1945 and the ignorance it shows of everyday life in the camps also prove that Wizenthal was spared persecution during those worst years of Jewish oppression. Specifically: the black triangle and "J" on his chest (next to the inmate number) was the indicator used to show that the inmate was Yugoslavian ("J"ugoslawe - not "J"ude). Jews were identified by a Star of David instead.




Austrian Minister of Education Dr. Scholten (he's a Jew and his name is actually Pfefferkorn) wants "multicultural schools". But only for Austrians. He has better things in mind for Jewish children: the Jewish School, which is xenophobically closed off from other races, peoples and religions (cf. p.).




"Contrary to the League's `universal aims', the community uses the funds it receives from the League solely to support the Jews. When Galinski (shown here with his friend Monecker) was told that the Jewish community would have to work together with charity organizations of the Church, he immediately rejected the notion. It turned out that he has no intention whatsoever ofsupporting non-Jews, although he does not object to non-Jewish organizations supporting Jews. "This courageous criticism that mercilessly exposes the two-faced racist morals of the Berlin Jewish leader and Wizenthal-buddy Galinski (and his successor is cut from the same cloth) was published by SemitTimes, a Jewish periodical much to be recommended. (Issue 2/1992, p. 51.)




Bishop Stecher: apostle of hate, and Jewish lodge brother. For Austria he wants increased immigration by non-Germans. ("We don't want to remain a German province!") He calls it "enrichment". But the B'nai B'rith's Jewish-racist ideals of "Eretz Israel" don't bother him.


One last laughing Wizenthal. His seeds begin to bear fruit:

"German historians are unobjective in their criticism of the Morgenthau Plan... All it aimed to do was to alter the German national character."

(Documentary Archives of the Austrian Resistance, 1991 Yearbook; responsible: Dr. Wolfgang Neugebauer.)


One last laughing Wizenthal. His seeds begin to bear fruit:

"German historians are unobjective in their criticism of the Morgenthau Plan... All it aimed to do was to alter the German national character."

(Documentary Archives of the Austrian Resistance, 1991 Yearbook; responsible: Dr. Wolfgang Neugebauer.)




Seven years after publication of the first edition of this book the power of the Wizenthal-Lobby is stronger than ever: the President of the Austrian Federal Republic, Dr. Klestil, tried to exculpate himself in a letter to rabbi Hier of "Simon Wiesenthal Center" of Los Angeles for approving a conservativ-liberal government (administration). (Der Standard 7.2.2000) The photo shows. Klestil together with Israel's Ambassador Nathan Meron.




Photo forgeries in the service of hatemongering: the Wiesenthal Center sends postcards bearing this picture all over the world. Any first-term medical student could confirm that it is impossible for human beings to hang this way. The numerous clumsy forgeries from Wizenthal's repertoire continue to do more and more harm to the "Holocaust"


"When the Germans bellow they're just one step away from committing murder."

These are the words of the young Jewish writer and Wizenthalacolyte Arjouni in the Austrian-Jewish publication Profil (September 14, 1992). His other incendiary statements regarding the "German national character" should also have sufficed to draw the public prosecutor's attention - at least under the principle of the "rule of law". The seeds of hate are bearing fruit.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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