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Review of Noam Chomsky's Fateful Triangle

In addition to being "arguably the most important intellectual alive," according to the New York Times, renouned linguist Noam Chomsky was cited as a source more often than any living scholar between 1980-1992, by the Arts and Humanities Citation Index. He sure proves his supremacy in this detailed and angry account of the Palestinian Israeli conflict and the US & Western media role in it.

Exposing human suffering and death is Chomsky's eternal goal in all of his foreign policy publications; he is merciless when it comes to injustice and violations of human rights. Not only does he meticulously detail all the factors and facts of the conflict in this book, but also transcends the big picture into the suffering and humiliation of the average Palestinian in his daily life, be it in the occupied territory or Lebanon. All facts are skillfully put into perspective where the views relating to both sides are listed, leading to irrefutable conclusions.

As customary of Chomsky's writings, an infinite amount of quotes is collected from both sides of the conflict, which are then woven together into his text creating a factual, and often, sarcastic picture of the issue and the people involved. Using their actual words he exposes the hypocrisy and deception of the Israeli leadership.

Chomsky's frequent use of long sentences makes it necessary to read the text slowly. Sometimes it is necessary to read each paragraph twice to comprehend the usually profound conclusion.

As usual his analysis reflect his powerful insight into the issue involved, which gives the allusion that Chomsky is a scholar in this field only. The depth of Chomsky's account in anything he addresses surpass that of most scholars in the respective topics addressed. The Fateful Triangle is as deep as any analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict gets.

Chomsky is way ahead of his time in this writing, as he documents many of the issues that were only recently realized. These include the roots and deception of the present "peace process" (Oslo), and also the fact that the Israeli press is the best source for information, and is more superior to the western (U.S.) one which usually is dedicated to portraying Israel as the victim while the Palestinians as oppressors. Israeli press is not timid when discussing many issues that are considered taboos in the U.S. such as Israel's control (through its lobbies) of the U.S. Middle East foreign policies.

Among the many Apartheid-style laws in Israel, Chomsky discusses how the Jewish National Fund, relying on U.S. tax-exempt donations, maintains 92% of the land in Israel for the sole use of Jews only.

Another crucial issue discussed is the fact that the Labor left is more dangerous than the Likud right, which lies in the difference between their pronounced versus actual policies. While the Likud does things in-your-face style, the Labor preachs one thing to the world, while doing the complete opposite (such as settlement building). Labor usually speaks in a more mellow tone than Likud and is more skillful and diplomatic, -- a trait attractive to the West -- when it comes to covering up the oppression of the Palestinians.

Yet another of the issues cleverly avoided in the Western Media (so as to shield Israel from criticism and keep the local population ignorant) is the many Arab initiatives for peace that were rejected by Israel, such as Sadat's 1971 and PLO's 1976 offers. Chomsky also exposes how the PLO would not respond to Israeli provocation, (prior to the 1982 invasion of Lebanon) the purpose of which is to give Israel pretext for an invasion or a raid. A monumental revelation is that of how Israel fears a more politically strong PLO than a terrorist organization, which is the direction the PLO was moving in, and which is the reason Israel was relentlessly trying to force the PLO into a terrorist path which would strip it from its growing international status.

Chomsky's account of the Palestinian-Israeli-American relations is as usual, heavily documented and referenced. The volume of material researched is astounding to say the least. Chomsky's reliance on the Israeli press and Zionist publications as well as Arab and world literature on this issue makes this work highly authoritative.

About 50% of the book is devoted to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the destruction of Palestinian society there, as well as the Western media coverage of it. The devastation and the civilian toll inflicted by Israel are angrily criticized, and the Israel-apologist nature of many of the U.S. reporters' coverage of the events there, are meticulously dissected and refuted. Notably, the coverage by the New Republic editor Martin Peretz, based on "testimonies of Israeli soldiers", are put into perspective by contrasting them to the coverage by the Israeli press, which portrays a vastly more accurate picture of the invasion.

The Fateful Triangle is a masterpiece and should be the first and mandatory reading to all interested in this conflict and to human right activists in general. After reading Chomsky's work one surely feels wiser and more astute in analyzing issues and detecting media deception. 10/10.

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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