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Henry Kissinger:

Covert Head of the Ruling "Petroleum Faction"?


By Franklin Freeman

Edited 26 Aug. 2003



This essay is, from the nature of its subject, a rather speculative one.

Henry Kissinger, now an octogenarian, officially retired from political life in 1977. He had, by that time, acquired a reputation as a wily political operator. As President Nixon's Secretary of State, Kissinger had been close enough to the mainsprings of Watergate and the CIA's covert-operations scandals which emerged into the light in its aftermath. But he had distanced himself sufficiently to remain in office until the end of the Ford administration. From that time Kissinger's only visible connections with the political world have been private ones, notably through his consultancy business, Kissinger Associates. He still appears to be an active figure behind the scenes.

Oil is an essential resource and growing requirement for the industrial economies of the world, and the USA is the leading consumer. The oil exporting nations, generally third-world countries, thus had a potential fortune-maker and political weapon at their disposal. In 1973 another Arab-Israeli war broke out, and the oil exporters - many of whom are Arab and allied Muslim - first utilized this weapon. Through the Organization of Oil-Exporting Countries (OPEC), they raised crude-oil prices several-fold (further rises followed in the remainder of the 1970s).

The Western oil-importing lands faced a severe economic crisis as a result. Kissinger, then Secretary of State, blustered about seizing Saudi oil fields. This was not a practical proposition at the time; it would have provoked Soviet counter-intervention, as a contemporary US government report pointed out. ('The Oil Wars: and the ones that almost happened') But following the collapse of the Soviet bloc at the end of the Cold War, and the coming-to-power of a hard-right US administration, we have entered a new era of American world hegemonism, when US interest groups have far greater freedom to act. What might Kissinger's role be in this process?



Henry Kissinger was born a German Jew in Bavaria in 1923. His family relocated to New York in 1938. Kissinger's A.B. thesis (Harvard, 1951) made a study of the historical philosophers Spengler and Toynbee. Spengler's views of the "cyclic" nature of civilizations, and in particular his prediction of the "victory of force-politics over money" from the year 2000 for the Western civilization, may be of particular significance for Kissinger.

Kissinger, CIA, Forty Committee, covert operations
          — Indo-China, Indonesia, Chile. (Under the Republican presidencies of Nixon and Ford, 1969 - 1976.)

On 11 September 2001, 28 years to the day after the coup that overthrew Allende, it was reported that Rene Schneider, son of the assassinated leader of Chile's armed forces, intended to launch a lawsuit against Kissinger over the death. The news was overshadowed by the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
("The Trials of Henry Kissinger", BBC 4 documentary, 2002. )

Kissinger's "retirement" in 1977 followed that of many CIA employees, disgruntled, "shadow CIA", later involved in Iran-Contra scandal, and said to still exist.

Forms equally-shadowy "consultancy business" Kissinger Associates, tight-lipped as possible about itself, ...

— manager Paul Bremer, former assistant to Kissinger when Secretary of State (in 2002 becomes "pro-consul" of Iraq, at the heart of the prospective oil empire); Bremer hard-rightist, assoc. with Rumsfeld; Congressional Terror-Committee chairman 2000

In summer 2002 the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, one of the vehicles of the US regime's extreme right, passed a resolution, highly unsubtle in its real aims, which apparently called for the seizure of Saudi Arabia's oil fields "as punishment" if the country didn't stop its alleged support for terrorism. Kissinger was the conspicuous "sole exception" among the Board's members, all the rest of whom voted for the resolution. Had the leopard changed his spots in three decades? Or had he made himself unsubtly prominent by his purported unique dissent? ('Briefing Depicted Saudis as Enemies', Washington Post, 6 Aug. 02, p.A01) (Although no practical moves came of this resolution at the time, the "Saudi terrorism card" is being played once more a year later. The US regime has refused to declassify a section of Congress's report on 9/11, dealing with Saudi Arabia. At the same time, rumours have conveniently spread that this section "exposes the complicity" of elements of the Saudi government in the attacks. See "Classified Section of Sept. 11 Report Faults Saudi Rulers", New York Times, 26 July 2003.)

In autumn 2002 Kissinger was nominated (by President Bush) as chairman of "independent investigation" into 9/11 - the pivotal "catalyzing event" on the road to world dominion and oil empire. But he was quickly forced to step down because of - unspecified - "conflicts of interest". (And we'd like to know much more about these shadowy Gulf/oil interests!)

After the conquest of Iraq in spring 2003, Kissinger's "protege" Paul Bremer (now 61) became Iraqi "pro-consul" ...



Some references:

For a hostile account of Kissinger's official political career, see "Bush picks Kissinger to head official probe ...", World Socialist Web Site.

For a critique of Kissinger Associates, see

Paul Bremer:
Paul Bremer, who's replaced the incompetent-looking Jay Garner as Iraqi pro-consul, is a hardliner said to be close to Rumsfeld and other Pentagon hawks. He is also a close associate of Henry Kissinger, having been his executive assistant when Kissinger was Secretary of State in the 1970s, and from 1989 he was managing director of Kissinger's global consulting firm Kissinger Associates.
(article on Bremer, New York Times, 8 May 2003; another article on Bremer,, May 2003)



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