Israels Nätverk i Sverige

(Radio Islams INDEX  på de offentliga personer som nämndes i Radio Islams program och i Ahmed Ramis böcker)


Ladda hem, 16Mb, (Ladda hem utan bilder, 3Mb), Israels Nätverk i Sverige,  för att läsa på den egna datorn utan att behöva vara kopplad mot Internet och  för att kopiera till andra intresserade och publicera på andra siter. Starka krafter gör allt för att hindra allmänhetens tillgång till detta viktiga verk.  Därför rekommenderar vi er att spara hem det. Nästa gång kan sidan vara borta! Ambitionen med  "Israels Nätverk i Sverige" är att utgöra en förteckning över åtskilda offentliga personer, debattörer, politiker, ämnen, begrepp, definitioner, händelser, ideologier och organisationer som är aktuella i Mellanösterndebatten och som behandlas i Radio Islams hemsida. Att vissa personer här är judar har betydelse i Mellanösterndebatten, på samma sätt som om de varit palestinier. Det har inget med rasism att göra. Utan Judendomen ingen Sionism; utan sionism ingen Israel. Israel är en ockupationsmakt. De som stödjer Israel gör ett politiskt ställningstagande. Personer som förekommer här väljs, politiskt granskas eller kritiseras inte för deras herrkomst men för deras ideologiska och politiska gärningar.

This "lexikon" is the response to the "Lexikon Rechtsextremismus" put on line by "Informationsdienst gegen Rechtsextremismus" in Berlin  ( The following Lexikon "Israels Nätverk i Sverige" provides information against Jewish extremism. The purpose of this "encyclopedia" is to provide a list of various public persons, debaters, politicians, subjects, definitions, events, ideologies and organizations that are of current interest in the debate on the Middle East and are being treated in the home page. That certain persons here mentioned are Jews is significant in the same meaning as if they had been Palestinans and has nothing to do with racism. Without Judaism no Zionism; without Zionism no Israel, and Israel is an occupant power. Those who support Israel take a political position to the question. Persons here mentioned have been selected, scrutinized or criticized not because of their ethnic origin but because of their ideological and political activities. The complaints against our sire are not spontaneous but are just a part of a political campaign trying to circumvent and destroy free speech. Israels Nätverk i Sverige  of Radio Islam constitutes a kind of index in alphabetical order to subjects mentioned in the material published in Radio Islam's homepage, with links to these specific subjects. Israels Nätverk i Sverige is not "a list of persons",  Jews or non-Jews,  but a kind of short dictionary which will contain all the subjects; facts, events, organizations, persons involved in the Middle East debate or in some way connected to the conflict in Palestine, definitions, even newspapers are mentioned there. We  have  even in the English section of Radio Islam's homepage a list of Jews working in the Clinton administration - the document called "Clinton´s List". But they are mentioned there not because they are Jews, but they are mentioned there because we believe that the Jewish lobby in the US has created a concentration of power which we believe is troublesome to the democracy of that country and dangerous for the peace in the Middle East. But there is no way this listing of politically active Zionists can be considered as "an incitement to violence" against these persons. It is a political analysis which has been made by many observers, including Israeli newspapers. The inspiration for creating   Israels Nätverk i Sverige   has been the thorough Palestinian masterpiece "The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question" as well as the leading Jewish source - "The Encyclopaedia Judaica" and  the "Lexikon Rechtsextremismus"  ( ). If our political opponents are of a different view, they should have to prove their point by giving precise examples, like correct translated quotes from the documents, for instance.Just the fact that they don't agree with our political views should not allow them to deprive us of our human right of freedom of speech. What it really is all about, is the decision by the US Supreme Court to let freedom of speech rule over the Internet. This decision was met with anger by the jewish ruling circles in many European countries. The tragic reality is this; freedom of speech is almost non-existent in many European countries. We hope that censorship will not prevail over the content of our or any other homepages. It is the situation in the Middle East that is very much inflamed - the parties concerned in the debate and the conflict only reflect the real polarization. To the Palestinians and Muslims the Zionists appear to be the Nazis of today. To the victims of Zionism this ideology is not experienced as something positive, but rather as a symbol of evil.