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Letter to Radio Islam

Right On!

It is time for Muslims and Christians to stop fighting each other and see the REAL enemy!

Yeah! I just stumbled upon this wonderful website!

I have been on it for 6 hours! All the things here, I have suspected for years and have had a fair idea of since I was able to put the peices together!

I am going to have all my friends log on to read all the stuff too!

As for Palestine - I absolutely refuse to use the false name "Israel", I use Palestine.

As for "Christians" supporting "Israel" you got to understand that Western "Christians" are just as much a bunch of historical imposters and wannabes - as the Khazars are as "Jews"!

Sadly, most "Christians" are totally oblivious to the true background and beliefs of the so-called "Chosen People"! Completely misinterpreting the Scriptures, they do not even know of the commentaries of early Christian teachers like St. John Chrysostom on the Jews. He knew what was going on!

Western Christians are light years away from the truth anyway!

Orthodox Christianity has lived with the great threat of the Homosexual Jew for centuries now and have a better grasp on reality!

It is time for Muslim and Christian to stop fighting each other and see the REAL enemy here! Sioux chief Sitting Bull once said: "If we continue to fight divided, we will be cut off one finger at a time. If we join together, we can make a powerful fist!" Need I say more?

Thank You and Allah Support You in your Struggle!


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