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"Holocaust Revisionism" / "Holocaust Denial" Sites

The following web sites are among the most controversial per the subject of Jewry. "Holocaust Revisionism" web sites typically aim, as self-described, to investigate -- and deflate -- popular convention about the numbers of Jews who died in concentration camps, and the manner in which they perished. They contest existing conventions about Holocaust history -- scholarly or otherwise.

Critics of such attitudes, usually -- but not only -- Jewish (and they are often vehement), typically assail such sites as "Holocaust Denial." Some such critics go so far as to declare that there are no grounds for debate about virtually anything concerning conventional understanding of the Holocaust, codified facts that are held to be beyond questioning. Hence, these kinds of web sites are heavily stigmatized, which serves as a barrier to the fact that they often have large quantities of information about subjects other than their perspectives on the Holocaust.

Our view on this matter is that we do not endorse, or agree with, everything at these web sites (nor, for that matter, ALL the material at ANY other link at our web pages) but we do support free speech and varied opinion in the democratic milieu. And this realm (the challenge to Holocaust conventions) certainly is increasingly part of modern Jewish history.

In the interests of full perspective (although certainly the counter-view to these "revisionist" sites are to be found everywhere in popular culture), we include here also the NIZKOR site, which is antithetical to the others listed here. All these sites have further links to others reflecting their own convictions and arguments, and anyone interested in the details of this debate should be able to find them.

As always, we encourage people to read opposing ideas about any subject and make up their own minds about the merits of the arguments.

Institute for Historical Review (IHR)


David Irving / Focal Point Publications

Campaign for Radical Truth in History

Arthur R. Butz

Adelaide Institute

The Revisionist


NIZKOR (Holocaust Education Resource)

(See also the various Jewish organization links at JTR's home page)

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

Palestine banner
Viva Palestina!

Latest Additions - in English

What is this Jewish carnage really about? - The background to atrocities

Videos on Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and Blacks and Jews 

How Jewish Films and Television Promotes bias Against Muslims

Judaism is Nobody's Friend
Judaism is the Jews' strategy to dominate non-Jews.

Islam and Revolution
By Ahmed Rami

Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders - Photos

Elie Wiesel - A Prominent False Witness
By Robert Faurisson

The Gaza atrocity 2008-2009

Iraq under Jewish occupation
Iraq - war and occupation

Jewish War against Lebanon!

Jew Goldstone appointed by UN to investigate War Crimes in Gaza

Hasbara - The Jewish manual for media deceptions

Britain under Jewish occupation!

Jewish World Power
West Europe    East Europe
Americas          Asia
Middle East       Africa
      U.N.              E.U.


The Internet and Israeli-Jewish infiltration/manipulations

Books - Important collection of titles

The Power of Jews in France

The Israel Lobby - From the book

Jews and Crime  - The archive!

When Jews rule...
The best book on Jewish Power

Sayanim - Israel's and Mossad's Jewish helpers abroad

Listen to Louis Farrakhan's Speech - A must hear!

The Israeli Nuclear Threat

The "Six Million" Myth

Jewish "Religion" - What is it?

Medias in the hands of racists

Strauss-Kahn - IMF chief and member of Israel lobby group

Down with Zio-Apartheid
StopJewish Apartheid!

The Jews behind Islamophobia

Israel controls U.S. Presidents
Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton...

The Victories of Revisionism
By Professor Robert Faurisson

The Jewish hand behind Internet The Jews behind Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay...

"Jews, who want to be decent human beings, have to renounce being Jewish"

Jewish War Against Iran

Al Jazeera English under Jewish infiltration

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Garaudy's "Founding myths"

Jewish hate against Christians
By Prof. Israel Shahak

Introduction to Revisionist
- By Ernst Zündel

Karl Marx: The Jewish Question

Reel Bad Arabs - Revealing the racist Jewish Hollywood propaganda

"Anti-Semitism" - What is it?

Videos - Important collection 

The Jews Banished 47 Times in 1000 Years - Why?

Nation of Islam and The Synagogue of Satan - Videos

The International Jew - By Henry Ford

Pravda interviews Ahmed Rami

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Shahak's "Jewish History"

The Jewish plan to destroy the Arab countries - From the World
Zionist Organization

Judaism and Zionism inseparable

"Jewish History" - a bookreview

Revealing photos of the Jews 

Racist Jewish Fundamentalism

"Jews" from Khazaria stealing the land of Palestine

The U.S. cost of supporting Israel

Turkey, Ataturk and the Jews

Talmud unmasked
The truth about the Talmud

Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo

Jews DO control the media - a Jew brags! - Revealing Jewish article

Abbas - The Traitor

Protocols of Zion - The whole book!

Quotes - On Jewish Power / Zionism

Caricatures / Cartoons 

Activism! - Join the Fight!