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Footnotes to Current Research on Vietnam. Review Essay



1. Pierre Brocheux, "Le Prolétariat des plantations d'hévéa du Vietnam méridional: aspirations sociales et politiques (1927-1937)," in Le Mouvement social n. 90, Janvier-Mars, 1975, pp. 55-86.
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4. Excerpts were published in Tradition and Revolution in Vietnam edited by David G. Marr and Jayne Werner (Washington, D.C. Indochina Resource Center, 1974).
5. We remember American Power and the New Mandarins and At War With Asia, both translated into French, and For Reasons of State. Chomsky is the only one trying to bridge American and European political thought on these subjects.
6. Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell University Press, 1972. 59 pages.
7. See also Georges Boudarel, "Sciences Sociales et contre-insurrection au Vietnam," in Le Mal de voir, Cahiers Jussieu, no. 7, Union Générale d'Editions, 1976, p.136-97.
8. See Serge Thion, "The Social Classification of Peasants in Vietnam," in Asian Tbought and Society,vol. 2, nº 3, décembre 1977, p. 328-38.
9. Important texts on the land reform by these two authors have recently been published: Truong Chinh, "Pour la réalisation de la réforme agraire" (November 1953), in Truong Chinh, Ecrits 1946-75 (Hanoi, Editions en Langues étrangères, 1977), p497-593; and Vo Nguyên Giap, "Les erreurs commises dans la réforme agraire et leur source" (October 1956), in the very useful study by Le Thanh Khoi, Socialisme et developpement au Viet Nam (Paris: PUF, 1978), p.60-8.
10. Henry C. Bush, Gordon H. Messegee, Roger V. Russell, The Impact of the Land To The Tiller Program in the Mekong Delta, Saigon, Control Data, December 1972, 136p.

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