Footnotes to The Falashas are not Jewish, by Serge Thion

1 See for instance, Maxime Rodinson, "Sur la question des influences "juives" en Ethiopie", Journal of Semitic Studies, spring 1964 .

2 Remember the case of this Italian village which, right in the XXth century, converted to a judaism which was believed disappeared. See E. Cassin, San Nicandro, Paris, 1957. I studied some cases of "Ethiopian" and "Zionist" prophetism in South African black churches (Le Pouvoir pâle, Paris, 1969).

3 Among the reports from missionaries and travellers: Henry Stern, Wanderings Among the Falashas, London, 1862; J. Faitlovitch, Notes d'un voyage chez les Falashas (Juifs d'Abyssinie), Paris, 1905; M. Cohen, Rapport d'une mission linguistique en Abyssinie, Paris, 1912; J. M. Flad, 60 Jahre in der Mission unter den Falashas, Basel, 1922; W. Leslau, Coutume des Falashas, Paris, 1957 .

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