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33/ No evidence to support Morris Russian Fake



"No credible evidence has been uncovered that any American POW's were sent from Vietnam to the USSR during the Vietnam war. That is the finding of the Joint US-Russian Commission on POW/MIAs, based on interviews with 60 Russians and documents from the Russian archives. A draft of the commission's report is released in Washington (Reuters May 2 [1995])."
From Indochina Chronology, vol. 14, n· 2, April-June 1995, p. 6.

The purpose, the organization and the work of this US-Russian Commission, and the support it got from a specific "Task Force Russia" are described in the "Report of the Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, United States Senate", Report 103-1, 13 January 1993, 1223 pages, which was printed weeks before the alleged discovery if the Moscow archives. This Commission is inquiring into the fate of US POW/MIA of WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War (including other countries of SEA). This is, to my knowledge, the most complete analysis of the problem. It seems Morris, this time, kept quiet and did not raise the question of the authenticity of his document.
The above-mentioned Senate Report (chairman Sen. John Kerry) documents a large array of hoaxes and inventions which have been created and disseminated by a variety of individuals, many of them were expecting some kind of material reward from their efforts. Some of them emanate from authentic war heroes whose past could vouch for authenticity. The specific item dealing with the alleged transfer of US prisoners from Vietnam to USSR was produced by an individual called Jerry Mooney (a retired USAF Msgt "who served a long career in communications intelligence" )who testified before the Committee on January 22, 1992 (see Report, p. 427). He shed light on the way intelligence analysts may resort to hypotheses based on hypotheses to reach conclusions based on nothing. Mooney's loony, not doubt.

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