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Harun Yahya




Adnan Oktar, under the pen-name Harun Yahya, has released more than 150 books. He originally writes in Turkish, and his studies, his books are translated into English afterwards. His articles are being published in many Turkish magazines/newspapers, and foreign Islamic magazines/papers. He is a respected writer who writes on various different topics: faith topics on the basic issues from the Quran, Quran & Science topics, anti-evolutionist studies, anti-masonic studies, and political issues concerning ummah, iman haqiqats. 

One of the greatest publishers of England, Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd., has published eight titles by the author so far, which are namely; "Perished Nations", "The Evolution Deceit", "For Men of Understanding", "The Truth of the Life of This World", "Never Plead Ignorance", and "Deep Thinking," "The Miracle in the Ant," "Allah's Artistry in Color". All of the books have been sold out in a couple of months after their release. "Perished Nations" has a third edition, and the very same also applies for "The Evolution Deceit" and "For Men of Understanding," "Deep Thinking," "Truth of the Life of This World" have been printed for the second edition. There has been a tremendous reaction by the readers regarding his books and after his first four books were published in the U.K., he had become "a household name in the U.K." by the words of the publisher. In a review he had written, the publisher said that "their success lies surely in that they appeal to people at all levels those with knowledge and those without, the academic and the layperson, the young and the old.

Another international publishing house based in India, named Goodword Press, has published five titles by the author so far, which are namely; "The Morals of the Qur'an", "Basic Concepts in the Qur'an", "Allah is Known Through Reason", "The Miracle in the Ant", "Ever Thought About the Truth?," and "Crude Understanding of Disbelief".  The book, "Death-Resurrection-Hell" has been published in Poland in Polish. 

The book, "The Miracle in the Ant," and "Allah is Known Through Reason" have been published in Pakistan in Urdu; and several other books (The Evolution Deceit, Timelessness and the Reality of Fate, The Truth of the Life of This World, Perished Nations, For Men of Understanding) will be released by the same publisher in Urdu. The book, "Perished Nations," has been published in Portuguese in Portugal. "The Evolution Deceit" has been published in Russian. "Perished Nations" is currently being printed in Russian.

Other than his books in English, Harun Yahya's books are translated (and still being translated) into German, French, Itallian, Spanish, Arabic, Bosnian, Albanian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Malay, and will be published soon.

You may see reviews of Harun Yahya´s books and works in different subjects at :



1000 pages with 285 pictures 

The real truth of the world's
five-hundred-year history
and the secret leaders of the world order.

You've never read such a book before.
Because such a book has never been written.

In this book, many diverse subjects that seem historically unconnected to one another are examined in sequence. "Seem" because the thesis that is advanced?and proven?in this book holds that there are deep and covert connections between historical events that go unrecognized when such events are viewed superficially. The New Masonic Order examines the complex skein of these connections and exposes a secret dynamic within world history that stretches from the end of the Middle Ages to our own day, clearly demonstrating that the Secular World Order was established by "certain people" and is still administered by them.

The truth behind Christopher Columbus' voyage of discovery... The secret objectives of the founders of the USA who colonized North America... The real origins of Freemasonry: Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, Rosicrucians and Cabalists... The unknown history of the war fought by Freemasonry against religion in Europe... The dark side of the French Revolution... The occult origins of Nazism and the Masonic leaders of the Nazi Party... The power centers governing the USA: An analysis of the powers behind the lobbies, CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group... The story of the influence of Israel over the USA and the Jewish lobby in Washington... The power of extreme rightists in Israel and the relation of Rabin's assassination with the "deep state"... The secret relationships between Israel and Third World fascists... Clandestine relationships between Israel and anti-Islamic powers in different parts of the world...

The untold story of the "Anti-Islamic
International" behind the Serbs

The secret relationship between the Serbs and the West
is unraveled in this book for the first time. 

You can read the real story of the terror in Bosnia
only in this book.


Between 1992 and 1995, the Serbs committed systematic genocide against the Bosnian Muslims. During this savagery, the West did not pursue the benign policy that is commonly attributed to it. A secret hand in the West supported the Serbs and their actions through professional and sophisticated methods. 
This book uncovers the details of the secret alliance between Belgrade and the power centers that constitute this secret hand. It further describes how this alliance was born and shaped within the historical development of Serb nationalism and the kinds of methods it employed while directing the Bosnian war from behind the scenes. 

The historical development of Serb nationalism and the hatred it bears towards Muslims... The relations established between the Serb nationalists and the Westerners through Freemason lodges... The inside story of the Sarajevo assassination that precipitated World War I... The relations between Westerners and the Chetniks who slaughtered a hundred thousand Bosnian Muslims during World War II... The connections between the Chetniks and the CIA... The role of America in the rise of Slobodan Milosevic... The friendship of Milosevic with Rockefeller and Kissinger... Behind the scenes in the Bosnian war... The diplomatic assistance given to the Serbs... The real mission of the peacemakers... The covert purpose of the Vance-Owen plan: Break up the Muslim-Croatian alliance... The road that leads to Dayton... The guns sent to the Serbs from Israel... The real purpose of the international propaganda concerning Bosnia...

253 pages with 73 pictures


395 pages with 146 pictures 

The unknown connections
among Mossad, CIA, Freemasonry, Gladio,
the mafia, and terrorist organizations.

Dark relationships in a dark world: Mafia, Gladio, secret services, terrorist organizations, arms merchants, and terrorists of various ideologies operating jointly...

The world of terrorism is extremely tangled and obscure. The most unexpected relations can be established between the most unlikely groups. The most extraordinary links can be set up between information services and terrorist groups, or between seemingly antagonistic terrorist groups.
This book exposes these murky and surprising ties. It demonstrates how the powers purportedly combating terrorism nourish terror when their own interests are at stake. 
If you want to learn the truth about the dark world of terrorism, read this book. 

Secret relations of the Israeli and American secret services with terrorist organizations and terrorist regimes... The hidden connections among terrorist organizations, the Mafia, Mason Lodges, and Gladio organizations... The untold story of the P2 scandal in Italy... The Empire of Corruption in the Vatican... The story of Pope John Paul I, who was murdered because of his stand against the Vatican Mafia... The truth behind Pope John Paul II and the Kennedy assassinations... "Islamic terrorist" actions committed by the CIA... Red brigades, ETA, RAF, Black September, and others... Interesting facts about the "anti-Semitic terror" committed against Jewish communities in all corners of the world... The "homosexuality-originated" culture of violence of the Nazi Party... Homosexual Nazi officers and the "pink swastika".. Covert interest relationships between Communist terrorism and Capitalist powers... Media propaganda and false news disseminated at the behest of secret information services.

The Middle East strategy of Israel
and "Kurdish State " scenarios.


Israel has always been the foremost supporter of separatist Kurdish movements.
This truth, hidden until now, is revealed in all its aspects in this book.

In Turkey "the USA's Kurdish card" has been the subject of much debate. There is in fact another country whose intimate involvement in the political aspects of the Kurdish question and especially in the project of "an independent Kurdish state" has long been conveniently overlooked.
This book strips away the duplicity and demonstrates the key role played by Israel, the "other country", in the Kurdish question. 

The "perpetual threat" psychology of Israel... The "Beka strategy" of the Jewish state... Israel's role in the minority rebellions and civil wars in the Middle East... The secret alliance between Iraqi Kurds and Israel in the 1960s... Mullah Mustafa Barzani's visits to Israel... The relation of the Iranian Shah with Israel: the CIA-SAVAK-MOSSAD connection... The "Kurdish Lobby" in Washington and Israel... The Iran-Iraq war and the role of Saddam Husseyin as a "sub-contractor"... The unknown story of "Irangate".. The Gulf War, Israel, and Kurds... Saddam and Israel... The organizations of the Israeli lobby: AIPAC, WINNEP, and the Kurds... Jerusalem-originated war scenarios: Turkey-Iran or Turkey-Jordan... Israel's water politics... The impossibility of any strategic cooperation between Turkey and Israel...


261 pages with 95  pictures




526 pages with 450  pictures


A classic that uncovers
the real truth behind Freemasonry...

A classic work that uncovers
the real truth behind Freemasonry...

Judaism and Freemasonry created a huge stir when it was first published in 1986. Since then, nearly a hundred thousand copies of the book have been printed and sold. Much has been said and written about Freemasonry but little of the truth is known. This book discloses the real identity of the Freemasonry organization using the sources of Masonry itself. Many people in Turkey's first knowledge of this organization was acquired as a result of this book.
If you still have not read this classic, you are already very late. So, don't lose any more time...

The philosophy and the objectives of the organization from the sources of Masonry themselves... The rituals, symbols, and principles of Masonry and Masonic ideas... Evidence of the relationship between Judaism and Freemasonry... How Freemasons regard religion... The sub-organizations of Freemasonry: Lions, Rotary, and others... Freemasonry and ideologies... Freemasons and the media... Freemasons in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey...



A new outlook on the foreign
policy of Turkey

with an "Ottoman point of view"
Alternative views on foreign policy...

This book analyzes Turkey's present foreign policy with a new point of view and offers various alternatives.

The beginning of the book focuses on Turkey's present Middle-East policies, questioning them and reviewing Turkey's "strategic mistakes" in this vital part of the world. In addition, other basic foreign-policy issues on Turkey's agenda; the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Asia Minor are examined and strategy alternatives are put forward. 

Anyone who is dissatisfied with Turkey's present foreign policy and yearns for a stronger and different Turkey should read this book. Even if you do not agree with the alternatives it suggests, A National Strategy for Turkey will contribute to your understanding of foreign relations by virtue of the horizons that it will open in your mind. 


139 pages 

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Viva Palestina!

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